EnviroPro Combustion & Waste Heat Recovery Solutions
About Us

EnviroPro was founded in 1988 to represent leading manufacturers of custom designed burners, flares, and thermal oxidizers to the oil and gas production and hydrocarbon processing industries. EnviroPro has since grown its product offering to include fired heaters, waste heat boilers, flue gas coolers, steam generators, and shear-pin pressure relief devices. The companies we represent recognize EnviroPro as the most efficient way to bring their products and services to a very competitive marketplace. We have developed strong relationships with a broad, well defined customer base. This has resulted in deeper market penetration for industry leaders that include Innova Global, Callidus Technologies, Eisenmann, EnviroValve, Exchanger Industries and Great Southern Technologies.

EnviroPro has been honored with multiple awards from our manufacturers. We are a two time winner and current holder of Callidus Technologies “Most Outstanding Representative” as well as a winner of Eisenmann’s 2008 “Representative of the Year” Award.

To the hydrocarbon processing industry, EnviroPro is a technical resource and a solution provider.

With our technical knowledge of combustion and waste heat recovery equipment and established relationships, we work to understand the needs of our clients. We are then able to use our extensive and complimentary product offering to assist clients identify technologies and products that are best suited to the needs of the project. EnviroPro is also able to provide valuable field support as well! Please go to the Products or Services areas of our website to learn more about our offering or simply give any of us a call.

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Main: 832-526-9333

Jarrett HornsbyJarrett Hornsby, EIT
Main: 210-900-0088

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