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There are applications where a waste stream will smoke if burned in an unassisted pipe flare, but a steam assisted flare design is not feasible. This often happens in process plants where steam production is limited or in cold climates where freezing condensate is a concern. These projects are where air assisted flare systems are an effective option.

An air assisted flare uses a blower to push combustion air up the stack and into to the combustion zone. The waste gas travels inside a riser that runs coaxially inside the stack carrying the air. Getting more air into the combustion zone increases the amount of hydrocarbon that the flare system can burn smokelessly. Air assisted flare tips come in a wide array of geometries. The design is dependent on the waste gas composition, available pressure drop and flowrate.

For a flare system that will operate consistently at normal flows a one or two speed fan is often effective. Flare systems that will burn a wide variety of waste gas compositions at various flow rates may require a variable frequency drive (VFD) to ensure smokeless flaring. For ease of maintenance, blowers are typically located at grade.

There are many options to work through when designing an air assisted flare system. Working with a knowledgeable flare designer is critical for safe and efficient operation. EnviroPro has the expertise to ensure a successful project. Give us a call to discuss your specific needs.

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