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CO Boilers are one of two options that are used as heat recovery devices in Fluidized Catalytic Cracking (FCC) Units. CO Boilers are used on partial burn FCCUs that produce large quantities flue gas containing carbon monoxide (CO) coming off of the catalyst regenerator. A CO Boilers are used for the following goals:

  • Convert the CO to CO2 in the flue gas
  • Recover the energy in the flue gas by generating steam
  • Lower the flue gas temperature before it goes to a scrubber or electrostatic precipitator

There are two typical CO Boiler designs.

The first design is a natural circulation water wall boiler where the radiant section is sized to provide the required temperature and residence time to meet CO emissions requirements. These units are suitable for base load operations.

The second design uses a refractory lined combustion chamber where oxidation of CO occurs. The resulting flue gas is then sent to a box type boiler where 100% of the heat transfer occurs via convection. This approach allows the unit to operate at higher turndown and provides steam production flexibility. These units also are capable of lower CO emissions.

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