EnviroPro Combustion & Waste Heat Recovery Solutions

Combustion is one of the more useful and common chemical reactions used in the hydrocarbon processing industry. It is used as a source of energy, as in fired heaters. It is also effectively used in flares and thermal oxidizers to destroy HRVOCs, (highly reactive volatile organic compounds) and other pollutants.

For combustion to occur three elements must be present: fuel, oxygen (normally provided by air), and an ignition source. The result is a rapid chemical reaction that converts the fuel and air to CO2 and water vapor and releases heat and light. While this definition is very basic, to safely harness combustion is not as simple.

At EnviroPro, combustion is what we do. Besides being a technical resource, we represent industry leading combustion equipment manufacturers. We take great pride in being able to assist our customers select, operate and maintain their combustion equipment. Click on the links below to learn more about the various types of combustion equipment we work on and can provide:

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