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Crystal Lake, Il based Eisenmann Corp is a leading technology developer and manufacturer of environmental equipment. Eisenmann’s goal is to provide customers with the best technology at the lowest overall cost of ownership. With these goals in mind, they have revolutionized (literally) the regenerative thermal oxidizer design by developing the valveless RTO or VRTO. The VRTO removes the traditional can and valve network and replaces it with a rotary distributor. This approach has proven its worth in 100s of installations worldwide in varying applications including:

  • API Separator Vents
  • Equipment Off Gas
  • Biomass Dryer Vents

Eisenmann’s existing VRTO customers enjoy the added benefits of:

  • Reduced maintenance cost as there is only 1 moving part
  • Improved destruction efficiencies as there are no valves to leak by
  • Reduced plot space
  • 100% uptime guarantee

Eisenmann is also the developer of the WESP-2F. A wet electrostatic precipitator whose unique design and flow path provides the continuous self cleaning benefits of a down flow wet ESP and the improved droplet removal efficiency of up flow units. The WESP-2F is a great choice to treat saturated gases containing solid particles and liquid droplets requiring removal. The following process gas streams are candidates to be treated with the WESP-2F:

  • Sulfuric Acid Mist
  • Power Boiler Exhaust
  • Pulp and Paper

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