EnviroPro Combustion & Waste Heat Recovery Solutions

Chlorinated or halogenated waste streams are found in a number of different process plants and applications including:

  • PVC Plants
  • Vinyl Chloride Monomer Plants
  • Pharmaceutical Plants
  • Bromine Liquid Waste

These systems can be designed to handle either gas or liquid streams. They are typically forced draft systems with a vertical or horizontal combustor that is lined with high alumina brick refractory. These systems often operate at temperatures of 1800F and above. They can include waste heat recovery for steam generation but systems that don’t require heat recovery typically require a dedicated quench tank to reduce flue gas temperature. This is because there is generally post combustion treatment of the flue gas to remove the HCl and elemental Chlorine that is formed during combustion. This is usually done in either a caustic scrubber or a combination acid absorber and caustic scrubber.

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