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Like upper steam flares, this design uses steam to inspirate more air into the combustion zone. However, the inner steam flare has the air travel a different path. The steam manifold and nozzles are located lower on the flare tip. The nozzles direct the steam into eductors connected to tubes that penetrate the flare tip shell and route the steam/air mixture up through the inside of the flare tip to the exit where it mixes with waste gas and burns. This approach significantly reduces the amount steam required to inject the same amount of air as compared to upper steam tips. This is because the steam nozzles and eductors pull more air in and the multiple tubes get the air and waste gas to more evenly mix. Relocating the manifold lower on the flare tip also allows a muffler to be installed around the steam manifold significantly reducing steam noise. These flares are found where maximizing smokeless capacity and reducing noise is critical. The Callidus inner steam flare is known as the IS or IS3. The Callidus IS and IS3 have been installed in several of the toughest flare applications. Common applications for the Callidus IS/IS3 inner steam flare tip are:Ethylene Plant Flare

  • Ethylene Plant Flare
  • Coker Plant Flare
  • Refinery Flare
  • Butadiene Plant Flare
  • Polyethylene/Polypropylene Plant Flares

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