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Jack HornsbyJack Hornsby, Jr., PE
Jack has an unusual combination of persistence, optimism and technical competence. After completing the Co-Op program as an electrical engineer, Jack graduated from Georgia Tech in 1974 with a degree in Industrial Engineering. He started his career working as a mechanical engineer, and received his Georgia Professional Engineering (PE) license in Mechanical Engineering in 1979. He has a wealth of experience in combustion, mechanical, process, and instrument engineering.

In 1988 Jack founded EnviroPro. Today EnviroPro represents UOP Callidus Technologies, ATCO, EnviroValve, Exchanger Industries, Eisenmann, and Furnace Improvements Services.
Jack is the quite knowledgeable about low NOx burners and spends considerable time around fired heaters. He is a problem solver whose expertise in combustion and plant operation makes him a great resource for trouble shooting and startup. If you need something done, Jack will find a way to make it happen.

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Jack HornsbyJack Hornsby, Jr., PE
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