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Multipoint ground flaresMULTIPOINT GROUND FLARE
Multipoint ground flares are 100% smokeless flare systems that have several small burners that break the waste gas into many small flames. These burners are on stages that are not online at all times. As pressure in the flare header increases and decreases, a PLC opens and closes staging valves. This keeps the waste gas exiting the burners at the proper velocity, pulling sufficient air into the combustion zone, and burning 100% smokeless. The first stage which is generally always on line is the only stage that uses assist air or steam to burn smokeless.

The “flare field” is surrounded by a fence that hides much if not all the flame from view. The fence also protects the surrounding area from radiation as well. All staging valves and controls are located outside the fence and are accessible to maintenance crews while the flare is online. Multipoint ground flares have higher installed cost but the lowest operating cost. These flares also need to allow the pressure in the flare header to get higher than most elevated flare designs for the staging to work properly. Multipoint ground flares are installed as ethylene plant flares as well as in other petrochemical applications like PO/MTBE plants.

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