EnviroPro Combustion & Waste Heat Recovery Solutions

Fired Heaters are often among the most critical pieces of equipment in a hydrocarbon processing plant, oil refineries in particular. Whether the heater is simply boosting feed temperature as in a charge furnace or the process reaction is happening inside the tubes as in a cracking furnace, working with a heater supplier that understands how the heater fits into the process is critical. We are ready to assist with your fired heater projects. Below is a list of typical process applications that we work on:

  • Hot Oil Heaters
  • Reboilers
  • Hydrotreaters
  • Coker and Visbreakers Heaters
  • Hydrocrackers
  • Reformers & Platforming Furnaces (Low ΔP Reactor Charge)
  • Reactor Charge Heaters
  • Steam Superheaters
  • Regeneration Gas Heaters

Heater designs we can provide include:

  • Horizontal Cabin Heaters
  • Vertical Cylindrical Heaters
  • Horizontal or Vertical Box Heaters
  • Helical Can Heaters
  • Single or Double Fired Units
  • Single or Multi Cell Heaters

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