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Elevated flares can also be classified by how the stack is supported. There are four common types of stack support systems.

  • Guyed Stack SystemGuyed Stacks: These stacks are supported by levels of guy wires. Guyed stacks are the most inexpensive but plot space considerations must be taken into account.
  • Stack Self SupportedSelf Supported Stacks: These stacks are designed so that no derrick or guys are required. They are typically used when the stack is very short or plot space is very tight. As the height of the stack gets above 250 feet, the feasibility of using a self supported stack goes down.
  • Stack Derrick Derrick Stacks: Like self supported stacks, this is a design used when plot space is at a premium. Typically derrick stacks are used once a self supported stack is too tall and is no longer cost effective.
  • Stack DemountableDemountable Stacks: This is a variation on a derrick supported system. This derrick is designed so that multiple flares can be installed in a single derrick structure. The derrick has an integral network of cables and pulleys that allow the individual flare stacks to be disassembled and lowered to grade. This allows one flare to be worked on or replaced while the other flare(s) remain in service.

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