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EnviroPro specializes in representing the best combustion and waste heat recovery companies. Are you looking for the “best available control technology” (BACT) and need next generation ultra low NOx burners? Maybe you need a new flare tip for an upcoming turnaround. Are you expanding plant capacity and need to determine if an existing fired heater can handle an increase in duty or do you need to design and build a new furnace? Are the economics there to justify installing a new thermal oxidizer with a waste heat boiler on the back end? The products and services offered by EnviroPro and our principals are ready to help you answer these questions and more!

EnviroPro is proud to represent the following companies:

Innova Emissions Management
Waste Heat Boilers

Flares, Burners, Thermal Oxidixers, SCRs

Valveless RTOs, Wet ESPs

New Heaters, Revamps, CFD

Accu-shear Pressure Relief

Exchange Industries
Air Coolers, Shell and Tube Exchangers

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